“Margarita is one of my favorite bloggers. Her work is always substantial, comprehensive, and enlightening. In today’s blogosphere, it is rare to come across such consistent quality of prose and sound research. I appreciate the time, dedication, and thought she invests into each piece. The result is a trusted product that has garnered her much popularity in the psychology market. The breadth of topics about which she writes is not only impressive–as she is a person who can absorb all kind of information and translate it to the masses in friendly language–but is a testament to her writing talent.”

— Therese Borchard, mental health writer, advocate and author of Beyond Blue


“I have worked with many journalists, bloggers and writers over the years, but none wrap their hearts around a subject and prose more than Margarita. She goes beyond just writing a story – instead she carefully crafts a piece that informs the reader with uncomplicated language, relatable examples and scientific data. It’s these qualities that make her a stand-out!”

— Dr. Deborah Serani, psychologist and author of Living with Depression


“I love Margarita’s pieces. I handed a recent article to three clients so far and out of the three...two immediately had tears of empowered joy in their eyes. I simply cannot say it enough—she's amazing at what she does. She takes higher level clinical concepts and quilts them together in a way that resonates with both mental health professionals and clients.  I teach grad school as well and share all her articles with my students, and I’m not kidding what I state that they have noted the usefulness in the end of term teaching evaluations, making me look good left and right! We need more open discussion about mental health and self-care, and her work is helping that agenda.” 

— Dr. Rosy Saenz-Sierzega, psychologist and professor


“I have always admired the beauty, creativity, and careful attention that Margarita brings to her writing and projects. Her ability to create a nurturing and love-filled environment with her words is spellbinding, and it is no wonder that she has been able to use them to cultivate an online orbit so profoundly supportive for those on the journey to love themselves. Her personal writing is quietly brilliant and gorgeously inviting, interwoven with the full-breadth of her varied interests and inspiration. I absolutely cannot wait to see what she cooks up next.”

— Mara Glatzel, coach and author of Body Loving Homework