I pen pieces on everything from creativity to caring for ourselves to evidence-based treatment to the power of therapy. You can catch up on my latest writing at Psych Central here and here.

I also write a blog called Weightless, which focuses on honoring our bodies and ourselves, at any weight, shape or size. Because, as Geneen Roth wrote in Women, Food and God, “It’s never been true, not anywhere at any time, that the value of a soul, of a human spirit, is dependent on a number on a scale.”

I’ve contributed to other websites, including Spirituality & Health magazine. Below, you’ll find a selection of my articles. Thanks for reading!!



21 Tips for Raising Kids with ADHD When You Have ADHD, Too

ADHD and Adults: Systems, Strategies and Shortcuts that Foster Success

People Share What ADHD Really Feels Like


How to Stop Viewing Your Anxiety as the Enemy

How to Use Anxiety to Your Advantage

Is Your Toddler Struggling with Anxiety?

8 Ways to Write Away Your Worries


What Bipolar II Disorder Really Looks & Feels Like

What Bipolar Depression Looks Like–And What Can Help

5 Myths about Bipolar Disorder That Boost Stigma

6 Tips for Effectively Managing Bipolar Disorder–From Pill Trays to Practitioners 


Body Dysmorphic Disorder: When the Reflection Is Revolting

Demystifying Treatment for Body Dysmorphic Disorder


Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

The Emotional Vulnerability of Borderline Personality Disorder

How to Help a Loved One with Borderline Personality Disorder, Part 1 & Part 2


How Busy People Bolster Their Bonds with Their Partners

Stonewalling in Couples: When You or Your Partner Shuts Down

How Couples Turn Molehills into Mountains


5 Unique Ways to Unravel Your Story

How Writers Write About Heartbreaking Things and Care for Themselves in the Process

9 Illuminating Lessons on Creativity

One of the Barriers to Creativity and How to Overcome It

7 Ways Writers Actually Write in Today’s Wired World 


8 Small Ways to Declutter That Make a Big Difference in Your Space and Mood

How to Declutter When You Don’t Have The Time or Energy

Your Clutter May Be Concealing Some Critical Truths

Decluttering Our Inner and Outer Spaces


The Hardest Part About Living with Depression 

Words of Hope for Anyone Struggling with Depression

6 Surprising Signs That You’re Struggling with Depression

When You Put on a Happy Face but You’re Really Depressed 


What I Wish I Knew in Grad School: Current and Former Students Share 16 Tips

12 Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Grad School

Choosing Between the PsyD and PhD Psychology Graduate Degrees


15 Ways to Support a Loved One with Serious Mental Illness

8 Myths of Fostering a Healthy Stepfamily

Everything Happens for a Reason—And Other Things Not to Say When Tragedy Strikes


Fatherless on Father’s Day

5 Creative Ideas for Keeping Your Loved One’s Memory Alive


9 Ways to Deeply Care for Yourself

When Your Mind Keeps Telling You You’re a Failure

10 Practices for Easing into Feeling Your Feelings

75 Things You Can Control

Caring for Yourself When You’re a Caregiver

How to Sit with Painful Emotions

When You Feel Empty: What It Means & What to Do


The Psychology of Advertising

The Surprising History of the Lobotomy

3 Facts You Might Not Know about Freud and His Biggest Addiction


Taking Medication: 16 Ways to Become a Smart Self-Advocate

8 Simple Ideas for Remembering to Take Your Medication

What Parents Need to Know About Medication for ADHD


4 Tips on Cultivating Mindfulness When You Live in a Busy, Bustling City

Invite the Sacred into Your Kitchen Space

How to Find Stillness Every Day, Throughout the Day

Meditation for Beginners


When You Feel Guilty Being a Working Mom

A Serious Postpartum Disorder You Probably Haven’t Heard About

The Most Damaging Myths About Motherhood

Here’s a Pep Talk (And Some Tips) for When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Outsourcing is Still a Source of Shame—But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Are You Telling Yourself Stories That Are Complicating Your Career, Your Motherhood and Your Life?


Powerful Ways to Be More Patient with Your Kids

Teaching Young Kids to Tolerate Uncomfortable Emotions

Should You Tell Your Kids about Your Mental Illness?

How to Help Your Child Handle Their Anger–Even When You’re Uncomfortable with It


The Different Things You’re Doing That Steal Time—And How to Stop

How to Really Get Important Things Done

Busyness: The New Status Symbol

6 Clues for Finding Your Passion and Purpose

12 Ideas for Overcoming the Pressure to be Super Productive


Living with Schizophrenia

Outdated Notions About Schizophrenia

A Look Inside the Mind of Schizophrenia


Ways to Become More Present in Your Life

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Why Self-Compassion Isn’t Self-Indulgent

How to Practice Self-Compassion When You Think You Can’t


What to Do When You Think Someone is Suicidal 

Myths About Suicide


Why Therapy is Actually Cool

The Power of Therapy as Told in Stories

Benefits of Therapy You Probably Didn’t Know About

Why Seeing a Therapist Makes You Strong, Not Weak

Why Don’t Therapists Talk About Themselves in Session?

5 Surprising Ways to Make the Most of Therapy


Are You Using Work to Numb Yourself? 

How to Practice Self-Care at Work

How to Use Anxiety to Your Advantage

How to Figure Out Who You Are Outside of Work

6 Tips for Navigating Work and Parenting–On Your Own Terms